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Store Policies


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are listed in order of frequency. 

1. Has my order shipped? When will my order ship?
To view the status of your order, click the Service link on the top left corner of our website. Enter your confirmation number and click go to view your order invoice/receipt. The following three options to your invoice/receipt will come up:

  • If the "Ship Date" section is blank it means your order has not shipped yet. If it has been more than 2 weeks since your order date that means something is wrong with your order. Please contact us immediately and find out what's wrong.
  • If the "Ship Date" contains a date then this represents the date your order shipped out. On the right side is the "Shipment Tracking" number. Click this number to track your package online. All of our customers are emailed an automated shipping notification that contains the tracking information for their package after it ships.
  • If the statement "We were unable to locate an invoice with confirmation number. Please return and fix data entry." comes up it means you entered the wrong confirmation number, your order did not go through or the order was canceled. If this information is incorrect please contact us.

2. I need some advise, suggestions and/or more details about certain items. Can you help me out?
Of course! Koch Martial Arts is not just a supply business. We also own a martial arts school and have trained students of all ages and skill levels in both traditional and mixed martial arts, as well as reality based self defense and fitness programs. Our instructors and students have years of training and/or competition experience in a variety of traditional martial arts, mixed martial arts, self-defense training, kickboxing, wrestling, weightlifting and other sports/physical activities. We are more than willing to offer advise and suggestions based off our experiences! If you need more details about an item we will contact the manufacturer and get the information for you. Please contact us and we will help you as best we can! 

3. I need information about international orders (outside the United States).
Click the International link towards the top to access the International Orders section of our website. It contains useful information for our international customers. 

4. I'm looking for a certain product but can't find it in your store. Do you have it or can you get it?
There are thousands of products we have access to that we have not listed on our website yet. Don't be afraid to contact us if you don't see it on our website! If we have access to it and you want it we will list it on our website quickly! Some brand items we are not allowed to list on our website (Lil' Dragon®, XMA®, etc.) because it's against manufacturer's reselling policies. Other items we can not list on our website because of PayPal payment processing legal reasons (weapons like "real" nunchakus, kamas, certain Ninja items, etc.) However, ALL of these items we can sell to you directly at discount pricing! Please contact us for a list of these items and a price quote! 

5. I'm having trouble checking out and making payment...can you help me!?
We apologize for the inconvenience! Occasionally, a customer has trouble completing the check out process. This happens more often with international customers and those who have selected PayPal as their form of payment. If this happens please contact us and we will help you complete your order. 

6. I noticed your business is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. I live close to there (South Florida). Can I pickup my order so I can avoid shipping fees?
Yes, you can! Add the item(s) you want to your shopping cart. In your shopping cart enter your zip code and click update. Then for shipping select "Pickup-Pompano Beach, FL" to avoid any shipping fees. Once we receive the item(s) in your order from our suppliers we will email you to schedule a pickup at our martial arts school.

7. Why does it state please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to ship next to the price? Can I get my order faster?
Click here to find out why it takes up to 2 weeks to ship and how to get your order faster. 

8. What is your exchange/return policy?
Any item can be returned in new condition within 30 days from your delivery date for an exchange or refund (minus shipping fee). Please contact us before returning the item(s) so we can make the appropriate arrangements for your exchange or return. 

9. Do you offer a discount for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire or EMT?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for all orders. Click here to get more information and learn how to get this discount. 

10. Do you have any active promotion or discount codes?
In addition to our Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMT discounts, we do offer customers a Facebook 10% promotion code that they can apply to their next order. Click here to get more information and learn how to get this promotion code. 

11. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, money orders/cashier's checks and bank account e-checks (through PayPal). 

12. Are the items you sell authentic and original? Are they brand new and free of defects (not seconds)? I'm concerned because your prices are so low.
Yes, all the items we sell are authentic/original and purchased from reliable suppliers (AWMA/ProForce, Century, Everlast, etc.) in the United States. We do not sell any fake or fraudulent goods. Everything we sell is brand new and free of defects. Our prices are low because we only make a profit of $.50 to $5.00 off each item we sell. We make up for this low profit margin with the high volume of items we sell. 

13. You sent me the wrong item!!! My item(s) arrived damaged!!! How are you going to fix this?
We apologize for the mistake or the damage that occured during shipment! Please contact us so we can offer a solution to the problem. 

14. Why do you not list all these item through your eBay store anymore?
We have chosen to sell only a small selection of specific items (sale, discount, promotional, etc.) through our eBay store from now on due to the high cost of eBay seller fees. With eBay seller fees now at over 10% we found it difficult to keep our item costs down for our customers. Repeat customers from our eBay store will find all the same items listed through our this website but at a cheaper price than before! 

15. I have emailed multiple times but have not received a response. Why are you not replying to my emails!?
We reply to all emails within 1 business day and 2 business days at the most during busy times. If you are not receiving a reply it may be due to your email's spam/junk filter settings that are blocking out our emails to your inbox. Please check your spam/junk box for our emails and adjust your settings accordingly so you will receive our emails to your inbox in the future. If you still do not receive our emails please contact us through our Live Support or call us at 954.245.5339 with your concerns. Please leave a message on voice mail so we can return your call. If you have not emailed us yet please do so at kochmartialarts@gmail.combefore calling us. It's easier to contact us via email or Live Support due to our busy martial arts teaching schedule! 

16. Can I call in my order?
Due to our busy martial arts teaching schedule we would prefer if you ordered through our website. This online store is WebGuardian certified as a safe and secure website. However, if you feel more comfortable ordering over the phone please contact us at 954.245.5339. If we are not available please leave a voice message so we can return your call and process your order. 

17. Why did I receive an email stating item(s) in my order are out of stock?
Since we order "on demand" or have our suppliers "drop ship" all the items we sell there are times that we are not aware an item is out of stock until we place an order with our suppliers. We try to keep our website updated with out of stock or discontinued information as best we can. However, we work with a dozen different suppliers who's inventory counts change daily if not by the minute. We also resell over 20,000 different items. Due to these factors, we have found it impossible to always have accurate information posted on our website. 

18. Do you offer overnight/expedited delivery?
No, we do not at this time. Sorry! Since we order "on demand" for most of the items and then relay the products to our customers this shipping option is not possible. For the other items that we have our suppliers "drop ship", we have found "drop shippers" to not always be reliable when it comes to overnight/expedited delivery, so we avoid this option and potential problem. 

19. Which shipping company will you use to ship my order?
For orders within the continental United States, your order will ship through either USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS (United Parcel Service). Orders/packages under 13 oz. are shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Smaller orders over 13 oz. are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Larger orders are shipped via UPS Ground. All orders that are "drop shipped" for us directly from the manufacturer will be shipped via UPS Ground. UPS doesn't deliver to PO Boxes. So please include a street address along with your PO Box number in case your order needs to ship through UPS. All orders shipping outside the continental United States to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO address, Puerto Rico or any U.S. Territory are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. All orders to Canada are shipped via USPS Prioirty Mail International. All orders shipping to any other country in the world is shipped via USPS Express Mail International. 

20. If I need to exchange an item why do I have to pay for the shipping both ways?
We only make about $.50 to $5 profit off of each item we sell. If we were to cover the costs of return shipping or shipping the replacement item we would lose money and have a hard time staying in business. If we were to cover the cost of return shipping or shipping the replacements items we would be forced to increase our item prices...which our customers would not like. Please keep in mind, if it is a mistake on our end (we sent the wrong item, the item is damaged, etc.) we will cover the shipping costs both ways. 

21. I'm an international customer who resells the products from your website. My customers are requesting a Certificate of Origin to make sure the product I sell are authentic. Can you include this with my orders?
Yes. Almost all our suppliers offer a Certificate of Origin for their products. Please contact us before placing your order for Certificate of Origin availability for specific products. 

22. I've completed my order and I selected 'Check/Money Order' as my form of payment. Where should I mail the payment? 
You can mail your payment to this address:

Koch Martial Arts
1401 S. Dixie Hwy. E, Suite 4E
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
United States

We will send you a confirmation email when we have received your payment in the mail. 

23. I noticed your eBay store offers free shipping for all the item but you don't on this website? Can I get free shipping on this website also? 
I'm sorry but we don't offer free shipping through this website. The reason is that there is no such thing as "free shipping". The shipping carriers we use (UPS and USPS) never give our company free shipping and always charges us a fee to ship a package through them. This means the shipping costs has to come from somewhere. With this in mind, on eBay we add the shipping price to the total cost of the item and call it "free shipping". We offer "free shipping" on eBay so we don't get a low Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) for our "Shipping and handling charges" in our eBay feedback profile (click here to view our live eBay feedback profile). This is important to our company and as an eBay seller because if we have low DSR, we will lose our "Top-Rated Seller" status. This means higher eBay seller fees and lower eBay search results for our item listings. 

The same items sold through our eBay store are the same price on this website (except for special sales/clearance items we are trying to liquidate). 


AWMA® ProForce® Thunder™ Full Headguard w/ Shield
eBay store price: $48.95 plus free shipping = $48.95 total
This website price: $39.95 + $8.95 shipping = $48.90 total 

For those customers who want to order multiple items, they will save money ordering through this website as we offer a combined shipping rate. 


AWMA® ProForce® Thunder™ Full Headguard w/ Shield. Quantity: 2
eBay store price: $48.95 x 2 plus free shipping = $97.90 total
This website price: $39.95 x 2 + $10.95 shipping = $90.85 total (save $7.05) 

24. Do you offer a volume discount or free shipping if I place a large order?
I'm sorry but we do not offer a volume discount or free shipping for large orders at this time. All of our items are already fairly discounted and we have some the lowest overall prices you will find. 

If your questions were not listed above please email us at kochmartialarts@gmail.com or contact us through Live Support.